Finished crochet objects! A Rainbow Shells Scarf and Glove set

Finished crochet objects! A Rainbow Shells Scarf and Glove set

Crochet Rainbow Shells Scarf and Glove set final

I finished this quite a while ago, but being the slowest blogger in the world I’ve only just got round to PicMonkeying my photos.

(I love PicMonkey)

Here’s the scarf as a Work In Progress. I had a right old nightmare with yarn tangles with this one.


I love both of these patterns and they work up quite quickly.

The scarf pattern is called “Urban shells” (Ravelry link here)

The fingerless gloves are worked in the round and the Ravelry link is here.

The patterns are not exactly the same but I still think they work well together. The gloves are just pain shells and the scarf is shells alternated with some round the post treble crochet goodness to form the ribbing I hope you can see in the picture.

As much as I do love the gloves I would love to turn the “Urban Shells”  idea into some gloves. I don’t think it would be too difficult and once Christmas crochet is out the way I might give it a go. There is already an Urban Shells beanie pattern written by the same person as the scarf pattern.


The yarn I used was a gift. It is 100% acrylic “Magic Aran“ (it’s not made from wool as in the item description)


crochet flower

I decided to add a flower to one of the gloves.

This is the pattern I tried to follow.

However due to UK/US crochet terms confusion (I’m a UK terms kinda girl, but I (wrongly) always assume everything is written in US terms) I ended up doing treble crochets for the first round instead of double crochets.

Confused? Sorry. Shall I just write out what I did? OK:

In UK crochet terms:

ch 2, trc 10 in to the second ch st, ss in the first,

ch6, ss into the second st, repeat 5 more times.

dc 6 around the chain, ss into the ring, repeat 5 more times.

Here’s a shot of me modelling the whole caboodle before I go (bonus feet):

Rainbow shells scarf and glove set modelled

Linking up with Finished Object Friday over at Tami’s Ami’s. Head over and check out other people’s finished projects!

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