Work-in-progress Wednesday Crochet Urban Shells scarf

Work-in-progress Wednesday Crochet Urban Shells scarf

One the things I’m working on at the moment is this Urban Shells scarf:




It’s pretty simple, but I think it’s quite effective, I can see me making more of these in future.

It’s a shell stitch alternating with a treble stitch (double if you’re using US terms). The treble stitch is done round the post to give the ribbing effect that you can see.

The back of the scarf looks like this:


It’s for a gift, and I’d like to get it finished and in the post for tomorrow. Unfortunately the yarn got in an awful tangle and its really been slowing me down. I should have just sorted it out properly but, I’ve been doing the untangle as you go Fandango. This means that what I have left….


….is a proper right old mess.

I’m also not convinced I have enough yarn, despite weighing and doing some maths.

I may have to frog my single leg warmer. He’s never going to get a buddy anyway


He actually started life as a glove but I failed in the follow the pattern department. I’ve now made some of these gloves. Hopefully I’ll be posting the glove and scarf set on Friday as a finished object. I would like to add a few little crochet flowers somewhere if I have enough yarn.

Work In Progress Wednesday is a Thing. So I’m linking up with another lovely crochet and knitting blog. Go and check out other people’s works in progress if you fancy!


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