Circle jerk

Circle jerk

[If wanking offends you click away now.]

People say, people do,
The two don’t always ring true
If you’re in the right circle,
You can say want you want
And then do what you do.

People say they don’t like mud-slinging,
“Respect one another, be fair!”
And then they throw their mud right up in the air,
See who it lands on, without a care.

People have been hurt,
“Make it stop!” they scream and shout,
They’re pouring oil onto a fire
They claim they want put out,

Speaking to a hive mind with masturbatory words,
Rub my ****, I’ll rub yours back,
Round and round and up and down,
Oh my God, please don’t stop,
I’m nearly there.

People self-congratulating
On speaking so very bravely,
Bringing each other off,
They offer no useful commentary,

They think they’re above it all,
They think they stand tall,
But their heads are in the gutter,
Licking out, sucking up,
Oh my God, please don’t stop,
I’m nearly there.

Round and round the garden,
Like a circle jerk,
One step, two step,
Three step, four,
Oh. My. God. I can’t take it any more!

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